Algo Trading


Algo Trading

With technology leading the helm in the financial markets automated trading is becoming popular with not only institutional investors but retail traders too. Automated Trading or Expert Advisors (EAs) can provide traders with programmed, back-tested strategies across a number different asset classes and market conditions.

Expert Advisors Benefits:

  • Improved order entry speed
  • Diversified trading strategies
  • Automatic trade execution, never miss trade opportunities.
  • Eliminates the possibility of human trade errors.
  • Removes trading emotions.
  • Improves trading consistency.

Why not programme your own EAs?

If you have experience in software development and programming, you can also create and build on your expert advisor with Metaquotes language 4 (MQL4).

  • Develop scripts to execute trades.
  • You can design custom trading indicators to generate buy and sell orders.
  • Build your own automated system for trade alerts and order entry and exit signals.

At STX Markets EA hosting is available at no additional cost for qualifying client accounts.

Please note that automated trading systems or expert advisers (EA’s) are offered to clients by independent 3rd parties, which have no affiliation with STX Markets. We take no responsibility for losses incurred through the use of automated trading systems or expert advisers.

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