Margin rates from as low as 5% and commissions from as little as 0.10% per side

Equity CFD trading is one of the most popular and exciting ways to trade the global stock markets. With equity CFD trading you speculate on whether the price of a share will go up or down. One of the reason traders prefer to trade shares via CFDs is because you don’t have the same major financial outlay that you would have if you actually bought the shares outright. The margin you pay on deposit, depends on the margin requirement.

Three Reasons To Trade Equity CFDs:

  1. Exempt from (Stamp Duty).
  2. Profit from rising and falling markets.
  3. Ability to hedge your stock portfolio.

At STX Markets we cover over thousands of global equities, please see below a table of the markets we cover and the charges we apply.

Region Commission per side (Margin Req) Minimum Charge
UK 0.10% 5% £15.00
US 2cents/share 0.01 $20
Europe 0.10% 5% £15.00